From humble beginnings in 2020, Erian cushions the Cushions Experts, has built an entire brand and business on exactly these philosophies. Plans to Constantly grow, Erian cushions has a plan to have 24 Stores by this financial year nationally. As we continue to expand and develop ourselves we are always looking to welcome new franchisees to our Erian cushions Family.

Our mission

Our franchisees and store managers live and breathe our mission statement: As a successful and growing retailer, everyday we provide our customers with a healthy sleep, through quality product, expert cushions advice and service..

Make our business your business

Erian cushions is strongly committed to business success. The Erian cushions model is simple yet successful. Erian cushions offers you the opportunity to work for yourself, driving your own business and realising the rewards. We’re a secure, stable and growing group. Join us and enjoy the support of an experienced team determined to succeed.
A lot of thought and consideration goes into becoming a franchisee, so we want to support you in every way that we can. We provide you with management, marketing and administration expertise and experience, contributing to the individual franchised stores ability to operate efficiently and profitably. We take the hassle out of trade agreement negotiations and supplier relationships, allowing you to focus on your store, its customers and therefore your success. Our extensive business, operational and sales training will have you more than equipped to take on your store opening. All franchise owners and staff are supported with ongoing support that is available throughout the year.
If you would like to further understand and evaluate the possibilities of our franchise opportunities, please write to us.

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